Game Rules


1.1 In these Game Rules the following definitions are used:

  • "Closing Date" means

  • "door" means the door within Promotion on
    as further detailed in Game Rule 4.2.

  • "Entrant" means a person taking part in the Promotion who are entitled to play under law, regulation and these Game Rules;

  • "Opening Date" means

  • "Prize" means the following item being the Prize behind the door in the Promotion:

  • "Promoter" means the promoter specified in Game Rule 2 below;

  • "Promotion" means the opening of the door on Charlotte Olympia’s “Advent Glamour” calendar on
    featured on the Website;

  • "Website" means the Charlotte Olympia website, on which the Promotion can be found, on the website www.charlotteolympia.com.

  • "Winner" means the winner under the Promotion, as determined in accordance with these Game Rules.

1.2 References in these Game Rules to any statute or regulations include any statute or regulation replacing or re-enacting that statute which may come into force from time to time, together with any rules or regulations made under any statute to which this Game Rule 1.2 applies.

1.3 References in these Game Rules to the masculine gender include a reference to the female gender.

1.4 References in these Game Rules to “persons” include individuals only.


The Promoter is Three14 Limited, a company registered in England, with number 05951209. The Promoter’s address for correspondence is Unit 1C & 1D, Phoenix Brewery, 13 Bramley Road, London, W10 6SZ, United Kingdom. Alternatively, the Promoter may be contacted using the e-mail address customercare@charlotteolympia.com.


Entry to the Promotion is open to Entrants who are individuals and who at the time of entry are (i) aged 18 or over, (ii) must be an individual person not a corporate or an entity, (iii) are not an employee, officer, shareholder or other personnel (including consultant and freelancer) of the Promoter or of any of their parent, subsidiary or affiliated organisations, (iv) are not significant others and immediate family members member of any one in Game Rule 3.1(iii), or (v) are not otherwise excluded by any of the Game Rules herein including Game Rule 3.2 below.

3.2 The Promotion shall not be opened to and shall explicitly exclude any:

3.2.1 US persons who is a resident of Rhode Island or Arizona; or

3.2.2 any such other persons who are resident of state (US or otherwise) or a country or any other jurisdiction in which this Promotion:

(a) would be illegal in any manner;

(b) requires registration;

(c) requires a bond to be posted;

(d) requires a list of the winners to be published; or

(e) which requires any other measure or action be taken by the Promoter outside of these Game Rules.

3.3 Entry to the Promotion is only via the Website in strict accordance with the instructions set out on the Website. Any attempted entry by any other means shall automatically be deemed invalid.

3.4 The Promotion is open to an Entrant for entry at 0000 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) on the Opening Date and closes at 1159 GMT on the Closing Date.

3.5 Entry to the Promotion is free. No purchase of any goods or services is required in order to enter, however Entrants will need an internet connection and access to the Charlotte Olympia website. No refund may be claimed for expenses incurred in participating in the Promotion, including in relation to the use of the internet, browser or for failure for any reason to submit an entry.

3.6 An Entrant may submit one entry daily for the Promotion and only one valid e-mail address will be accepted for the Promotion and shall be limited to a single Prize.

3.7 The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any entries that are not lost, damaged, delayed, incomplete, illegible, corrupted or fail to include the relevant information requested or reach the Promoter after the Closing Date for any reason. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt. For example, as a result of network, system development, computer or telecommunications failures or fault of any kind - including any hardware, programming code, databases or software used in the Promotion.

3.8 Any purported entry to the Promotion which, in the opinion of the Promoter:

3.8.1 contains any inaccuracy;

3.8.2 is incomplete in any respect;

3.8.3 has been submitted by or on behalf of any person to whom entry to the Promotion is not open;

3.8.4 has not been submitted by the person named in the entry as the Entrant;

3.8.5 does not comply in any other respect with these Game Rules or is not permitted under these Game Rules; or

3.8.6 is otherwise, in the Promoter's reasonable opinion, fraudulent, be illegal or be excluded under to Game Rule 3.2, or likely to have been fraudulent, be illegal or be excluded under to Game Rule 3.2,

shall automatically be deemed invalid, and the Promoter may refuse to supply the Prize to, or may reclaim the Prize from, any person whose entry to the Promotion is deemed to be invalid. In such an event, the Promoter shall be freely able to transfer the prize or withhold the Prize.

3.9 Joint or syndicated entries or entries via agents or third parties to the Promotion are not permitted.

3.10 Automated entries to the Promotion are not permitted.


4.1 There will be one Prize and one Winner for the Promotion.

4.2 The Winner will be that Entrant who upon opening the door within the Promotion is shown to be the winner of the Prize for the Promotion, as specified on the Website. Each entry and the winning door (behind which the Prize sits) for the Promotion will be determined by an electronic random selection process based upon factors such as the time of entry to the Promotion.

4.3 The Winner shall, on completion of his or her winning entry, be informed that he or she is the Winner and of the nature of the Prize by not later than 30 days after the Closing Date, and shall claim the Prize within 14 days after being notified. A Winner may win only one Prize. A Winner of the Promotion shall be precluded from winning a prize under any other Charlotte Olympia advent competition.

4.4 If any Winner does not claim the Prize on or before 14 days of notification in Game Rule 4.2, he or she shall cease to be entitled to the Prize with immediate effect and shall be deemed never to have been entitled to the Prize. The Promoter shall then be freely able to transfer the Prize or withhold the Prize.

4.5 The Promoter may make available on request the name of the Winner and their Prize.

4.6 No cash or other form of alternative prize may be requested by a Winner; however, the Promoter reserves the right to substitute a cash alternative for any Prize, or to substitute a Prize with a replacement prize of equal or greater value.

4.7 Prizes will be despatched at the Promoter's cost to the Winners (using the address details provided by the Winner either when registering on the Website or once a Entrant becomes the Winner and his or her address details are requested a set out in Game Rules 4.3) on or before 30 days after the Winner claims their Prize.

4.8 The Promoter reserves the right to require any Winner to provide documentary proof of identity or address satisfactory to the Promoter before his or her Prize is despatched.

4.9 The Winner agree to take part in reasonable post event publicity and to the use of their names and photographs in such publicity, without further reward. For example, being photographed for Website or social media and/or providing a short statement about their win.


5.1 By entering the Promotion, each Entrant agrees he or she will hold the Promoter harmless from any claims in relation to their entry that the entry infringes the personal or proprietary right of any other person or otherwise.

5.2 By entering this Promotion, all Entrants consent to the collecting, storing and use of their personal data by the Promoter.

5.3 The Promotion is provided on an "as is" basis. The Promoter gives no representation about availability of the Promotion. The Promoter accepts no liability for the failure or inability of any person to make a valid entry to the Promotion, whether as the result of any defect in, or any failure, malfunction or unavailability of, any computer equipment, software or system, or for any other reason of any kind.

5.4 In all matters in any way relating to the Promotion or the construction, interpretation, application or enforcement of these Game Rules, the decision of the Promoter shall in all circumstances be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

5.5 The Promoter reserves the right in its absolute discretion, and without advance notice to any person, at any time and with immediate effect to:

5.5.1 cancel the Promotion;

5.5.2 suspend the Promotion until further notice; or

5.5.3 change the Opening Date, the Closing Date or the time for performance of any obligation, or for the occurrence of any event, as specified in these Game Rules (whether or not already previously changed).

5.6 The Promoter shall, if it exercises its rights under these Game Rules, publish details on the Website as soon as reasonably practicable.

5.7 Except to the extent that their respective liability cannot by law be excluded or limited, neither the Promoter nor any of its officers, employees or shareholders shall have any liability for any direct or indirect loss, injury or damage of any kind whatsoever suffered or incurred by any person, regardless of how the loss, injury or damage arose, and in any way arising in connection with the Promotion or any anything done or omitted to be done by any person in connection with or ancillary to the Promotion.

5.8 The Promotion and the construction and interpretation of these Game Rules shall be subject to English Law, and the Entrant and the Promoter submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

5.9 By making a valid entry to the Promotion, the Entrant accepts each of these Game Rules and the Terms &Conditions, each in their entirety and without amendment.

5.10 The Promoter shall at all times comply with its Privacy Policy, the terms of which from time to time are available on the Website.